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Welcome to the home of our Podcast: Marketing Ideas That Connect. We discuss strategies & tactics on how to build great paid ad campaigns and automated customer journeys, with the art of getting insights from all the data.

Are you ready for Paid Media to accelerate your business and get in front of customers looking for you. #GoogleAds

We are Google Partners (FDM) and assist marketers to set up and run successful paid ads on Google Search. We also have consulting packages to make sure your ads are on track.

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The Ten-Step Process To A Winning Brand

Before launching a brand or rebranding your product or service into the market there are specific checks that need to be done as in any great accomplishment.

Our mission is to facilitate you on this journey and guide you through a proven process that we have honed over the last 15 years of starting and leading businesses to acquire market share.

Marketing inbound and outbound techniques have come a long way in the last 10 years with great automation and reporting platforms available to us that can show us where to iterate and be intentional with our investment.

Getting the right message to a targeted audience takes creativity, budget and skills. Take a look at our system and let's see if we can assist you in growing your brand and market share

"Make sure you're axe is sharp before you enter the forest"

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10 Steps

Winning Campaigns Are Well Structured, Creative And Measured

The Five Keys To Winning Paid Campaigns:

1.     Identify the value you are offering! Your captivating VP.

2.     The TAM (Total addressable market). Your consumer base.

3.     The Message Headers & Tags. Content that attracts.

4.     The SAAS (Tools) that works for your business.

5.     The specific outcome, and goals for your brand.

Elements Tracked and Rated Per Month

1. Impressions & user behavior

2. Clicks & CTR / Session durations

3. Goals / Form feeds, conversions (GTM)

4. Quality & optimization scores

5. Position in the SERP (% Top of page)

6. Keyword performance & responsive ads

7. Cost per click, CPA conversion & traffic source

8. Total spend (paid media) & sales generated. ROAS

9. SEO audits, insights & plugins to optimize your website

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Creating Ads That Work

Paid & Organic Campaigns

The two power plants are your paid and organic campaigns. Both need to be fired up and optimized to build your brand and convert qualified leads.

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