"The New Currency Is Attention " (Gary V)

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Zoom Meetings Plus Audits (2 x 60 Minutes)

1. Audit your existing marketing strategy, and Google Ad Campaigns.

2. Your Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads & Keyword structure.

3. Understand your current VP and message to the market.

4. Facilitate the ten steps to position and differentiate your brand.

5. Website audit & report on the elements of a performing website including Google Analytics UA & G4.

6. Recommendations on the next steps and Google Ad improvements.

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Structured Data

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It is an exciting digital word with low-cost barriers that enable us to broadcast anywhere, with a click and a free media platform. The mission is to build and protect the brand with clear strategies and boundaries making sure that we can control all this power and use it to grow our organizations, 

With all publications been crawled and reviewed, we need to make sure we only produce quality authentic content that will find its way to our customers and be promoted by thought leaders and curators. 

With the focus now of Social Platforms, retail moving to e-commerce and customers that hold the power in their hands, budgets are moving to digital and only quality content will get attention. The way we do business is changing forever and we can assist you to be ready and win in this digital race, 

(From the Brand: Strength & Joy)

Our Mission

We believe digital platforms are huge leverage tools for business and never before have we had such publishing power in our hands!

We are a data-driven marketing agency with a focus on finding the right data sets that can give us an understanding of what can move our customers forward and get in front of their total addressable market (TAM) and beat their competition. (Previous Advanced Reporting Technologies).

From Seo Website Audits to extracting data from Google Analytics and Adwords, plus Social Platforms best practice and creative direction, we take a big picture view to keep iterating the Digital Marketing Model.

Once we have viewed your digital platforms and we understand your marketing strategy, we can then plug in our smart tools to make sure we can rate all the important metrics and review the tactics on how to move forward.

The only way to improve your marketing & business is with data-driven insights and an impressive creative direction, including the budget to convert market share.

Welcome to a world of change and opportunity. The pace is advancing and we need to keep learning and understand how to use all this digital power to expand our territory.

With an up-to-date scoreboard, we will know where to focus and win!

  • Your entire existence as an entrepreneur lives and dies by how effective your sales & marketing is at producing new revenue (Sabri Suby).
  • Only 3 % of customers are ready to buy now. Market to 97% and build a long-term pipeline. Others are marketing to 3% (Sabri Suby).

Make Qualified Decisions

With everything been measured, we can continue to iterate the inbound machine and all the platforms. With goals set up in the Google Analytics panel and audits complete and verified, plus all our specialized digital tools reporting, we can make sure the objectives are being met at every stage and any errors or broken links or SEO issues can are sorted out, making sure everything works as intended. 

There are many moving parts that can impact the quality score or a digital platform resulting in good or bad SEO and ranking. The learning curve will keep going up as new technologies are available on the ads platforms incorporating the use of AI and many new ways to present content and to get the message to the targeted customer. 

This journey has no end, with consistent iteration and monitoring we can assist you to sharpen your inbound machine and get closer to qualified customers.

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