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We share valuable topics that assist leaders to build their online brands and get closer to their customers.

Welcome to the life of a Digital Marketer:

In a world of average and a sea of grey, we can only rise above by adding colour to the imagination of our targeted customer's minds that remains elusive and focused on entertainment with hundreds of interesting news feeds rushing by. 

The moment of truth when our prospect searches for a solution to a problem they have, who will they find? Will we be in the right place at the right time? A click-through only takes a second and they are running down another rabbit warren of options never to return. 

We have to inspire, we have to build amazing user experiences to get attention in a world full of noise and distractions. How can we touch them again? Was once enough in this revenue-driven commercial world. How could we stay top of mind and not be project-driven but add value to their lives without asking them leading questions that would leave us rejected and worn down, wandering in the desert of broken dreams? 

How badly do you want to win the hearts and minds of your profiled persona? Only those who can get up again and get back into the ring for another round, learning how to iterate and finding what works at that time, on sands that are shifting as we write this, to an unknown place no-one has ever mastered before.

Only the brave can relate to finding strength and joy to keep moving forward and to discover the ROAS and the fine line between success and failure. 

(From the Brand: Strength & Joy)